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Bayley Lane
Bishop Street & Hales Street corner
Bluecoat School
Broadgate viewed from Hertford Street
Broadgate viewed from Holy Trinity Church
Bullyard & Hertford Street
The Burges and Corporation Street
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Ford's Hospital and the Cottage
Hales Street and the Old Fire Station
Hales Street Flood of 1900
Hertford Street & the Empire Theatre
Lady Herbert's Garden and Cook Street Gate
Lychgate Cottages, Trinity Church & the old Campanile
Martyr's Memorial
Priory Row and the old Belfry
St. Michael's viewed from Bayley Lane
St. Michael's viewed from New Street
St. Michael's interior
Trinity Street & Timothy White's

Steven Orland's Coventry, Now & Then

Martyr's Memorial

This monument is known as the Martyrs Memorial and was erected in 1910. We've had some help from Cliff Jones to identify the streets pictured here leading from the memorial. We now know that Quinton Road is the street disappearing off to the left, and Park Road is to the right, leading towards the Railway Station. Now, in 2006, the memorial is surrounded by junction 5 of the Ring Road.
Martyrs Memorial pre-war
Steven's Photo of Martyrs Memorial 2006
Not only did Henry VIII have our monasteries destroyed, he also ordered that people were burned at the stake for having different beliefs or religions to himself. Some of those people were brought to Coventry for this, and this memorial is for us to remember those who gave their lives for their strong beliefs during Henry's and Queen Mary's reign.

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