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Steven Orland's Coventry Quiz

How much do you know about our city of Coventry?

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Steve's Quiz

You might have to check out Steven's website to answer some of these

Question 1

On what date in World War II was our Old Cathedral bombed?

Question 2

Which famous old building was used in August 2006 for filming Doctor Who?

Question 3

Which street was demolished so Coventry University could be built?

Question 4

Which old building was once known as the 'Hospital of St. John'?

Question 5

How many spires does Coventry have?

Question 6

Richard York can play many musical instruments, but what sort of instrument is a 'tabor'?

Question 7

In which street is the Coventry Watch Museum?

Question 8

After which famous Coventry person was the huge arch named that stands next to the Transport Museum?

Question 9

Which mythical character was said to have spied on Lady Godiva when she rode naked through Coventry?

Question 10

Which year was Corporation Street built?

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